Frank Perez

Creative Director and Visual Artist based in Melbourne, Australia with clients ranging the world collaborating on branding, design, film & photography campaigns.

Interesting.  What exactly does that mean?


Bottom line, I love to create. 


Taking every possible medium and using them together in a combination that leaves people craving more.  From photography, art, digital and sketching - there is no limit to what can be achieved when I work together with you to bring your visions to reality.

Capturing 'the moment' is not enough.

A moment is just that - a moment.
My dream has always been to capture the true essence behind the moment,

That emotional glance, the single teardrop, the whisper of a smile, the dreamy eyes.

The true person that lies hidden behind the public mask.

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Address_   Fraser Rise, VIC 3336 

Tel_  +61 400 201 253

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