Heart of the Street

Inspired artwork from the streets, back to my roots!

The essence of the street.  Artwork for the pure love of it.

Low Rider street art...

The Gods have a way of dropping those cards in some unpredictable ways.

Those truly connected will always feel the eternal bond, regardless of the Jokers in the pack.

The tide of life will always ebb & flow from the brightest of days filled with laughter to the depths of grey, where tragedy & misery hold sway.

Stand firm as the grey waves wash over you, the tide will turn, the seasons will move forth and the loving warmth of joy will once again return.

The bonded understand that it cannot be broken.

We move ever forward, to other dimensions, to other planes, to other levels of being.

Death's Angel grasps the essence of our beings & gently moves us towards the next level.

It's not an easy road, Love hurts!

It's sharp & can stab - leaving you bleeding & wailing.

Yet it also nurtures & lifts - beyond what you thought was capable.

When we drop the facade of 'modern' love & hold true that base, we realise that it is eternal.  Death is but another aspect, another level.

True love survives beyond this thin line.

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