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A quick glimpse, a barely seen image, an elusive thought... It's the little things that bring on the greatest changes.

Inner Peace

August 06, 2018


With so much noise, rhetoric, static and the constant useless pounding of others 'wisdom' encroaching our own minds, we all need to tune to our own inner vibration and guidance.

It's only when we heed our own internal advice that our lives meaningful, our paths clear.

Learn to say No... You weren't made to be say Yes to everything that's put in front of you.

Switch off for a while, or rather - switch ON to your inner self.

Peace, happiness and the path will become evident.

You know what it is you are here to do, ignore what others believe is best for you.

Only you know what that is.

Push Your Boundaries

June 23, 2018

The middle of the night, a time when all sane people are peacefully sleeping and dreaming of pleasant things.  Not so me...  I'm up and channelling my inner Kahlo, Dali & Picasso.  Initial sketch begins to come together.  Yes - not all masterpieces start off without a hitch... plenty of fixes still need to be done to this one...

~ Frank

Wandering Mind

June 23, 2018

It's funny how the human mind works.  A couple of hours after finishing the latest commission (Japanese inspired comic strip), I sat down to chill out with some Netflix.  My hands however, seemed to have a mind of their own as they picked up a pencil and started doodling away on a small piece of canvas on the table.

Without consciously realising it, this picture came to life out of nowhere...

Inspired or obsessed?  It's hard to tell the difference at times.

~ Frank

A Happy Smile

June 14, 2018

Al dropped by to pick up the finished piece 'Healing with love'.  It's always a bit of a heart-stopping moment for any artist - that moment in time when the new owner first lays eyes on the finished piece.

The smile on her face and the fact that the new image was hanging on its new wall within an hour of being picked up sums it up.

The final piece ended up being a wicked combination of impasto, acrylics, some healing crystals... amongst a few other little bits.  Looking into the face of the final image takes the viewer through a powerful wall of healing that literally leaps from the canvas.

It gives my life meaning when I see the emotional response to my work.

Thanks Al.  I hope this artwork brings decades of pleasure and healing to all who come across her.

~ Frank

To The Rescue

May 20, 2018

After a slightly disappointing foray and less than adequate product shots, Pickle Me reached out for my help.  Getting creative when you're dealing with chutney was a challenge... Accepted!

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