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Crawling Out of the Desert.

Stupid title, I know. But hey - it's been a while between drinks for me in the landscape of blogging!

I am not going to sit here and blame COVID, or work, or life or … whatever.

Simple truth is it is all my fault. Needed to kick myself up the ass harder to continue moving on things.

On with the damn show, enough lamenting.

Been a hell of a couple of months pushing myself to learn how to use my new Iwata Airbrush. All those different techniques to get the damn paint to do what I want it to do. You know, really hard things like drawing a straight line!!!!

After a lot of time looking around at websites, reviews and basically getting information overload, I settled on a kit for a couple of different Iwata Airbrushes + a bunch of Createx paints from Air Brush Megastore - https://airbrushmegastore.com. These guys know their stuff and were super helpful. New toy came through a lot quicker than expected! Thanks Steven!

So straight up let's be clear. Never had an airbrush, never used one, never held one. Just loved the artwork that I kept seeing everywhere that was created using an airbrush and wanted in!


First Play Around With Iwata Airbrushes

Once I unpacked all the lovely parts of the airbrush, I loaded up some black paint and basically tried to figure out the whole air compressor, PSI, push the button, pull the trigger.

Talk about getting a sore finger! That's one thing no one seems to tell you about when learning. Your trigger finger is gonna ache, similar to the pain felt when learning to play the guitar. Well worth the pain however. Well, at least I think so now, probably not at the time.

One of the first airbrush pieces on an old canvas.

From sketching around on A4 sheets of paper, I eventually picked up an old canvas ('Northern Fairy Lights' above, see how rough the surface is!) - trying to get more control over the airbrush and the paint coming out of it.

Where To Now?

Now comes the fun part of the journey. Still plenty to learn but the basic techniques are coming together nicely! (and my trigger finger isn't hurting any more).

As you can see above, plenty of transformation pieces (gaming cabinet above was plain white laminate. Now transformed with some nice gaming images on a black base.) - plus a lot of other images on metal bases.

Thoughts going through my head on some art creations for backyards - starting with my own!

Reach out to let me know what you think of the journey so far. Did I fuck something up that you know of? Let me know! It will probably save me a lot of heart-ache!

Got an idea of something you'd like to see me do? Or need my help with?

Reach out and let me know. You never know what may happen!

~ Frank.

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