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Darkness Comes

Tragedy - Artwork By Frank Perez
Tragedy - Artwork By Frank Perez

Melbourne, Winter

The drizzle washed down upon me as I stood on the bleak, wet street in the heart of Melbourne wiating for my next engagement to begin.

The coffee in my hands tasted as stale and sad as my current mood.

To say I was not feeling on top of the world would have been an understatement.

The 'temporary' state of working for someone else had turned into my worst nightmare, a nightmare that was getting harder and harder to remove myself from.

Something needed to give as I could feel my soul thrashing away at the invisible chains of bondage that held me.

What is this beast that lives within me? Surely I am not unique in these thoughts! Somehow I cannot believe I am yet, looking around

myself that dreary morning at the faces making their way to their jobs, I couldn't help but wonder.

New client, new engagement, new work & yet the same underlying displeasure haunts me. Time drags its heels.

Inane small-talk on how my weekend was, capped off with a running commentary on the crazy Melbourne weather, in a room filled with people I couldn't give a damn about.

Staring out the window I lament the fact that I cannot be running in the freezing rain, rather than talking about it with people I would never associate with 'in real life'.

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