• Frank

Failure - I Love It!

To stand out and be unique in any field, including arts & photography - we must be willing to embrace the failures that we will find along the way.

In a world where answers are only a click away, or better yet - answered by an ethereal voice just by prefacing the question with - 'hey google...' the art of finding our own unique, individual style is rapidly disappearing.Don't get me wrong, it's great to get an answer to your questions without needing to travel around the world and visit some long-forgotten corner of the planet but with this ease of information comes a laziness that prevents people from getting their hands dirty and just doing things.Creativity and uniqueness is not something that comes with a money-back guarantee. There's no guarantees with this path in your life. It's ugly and downright frustrating at times but there's no other path to finding your own true and unique perspective on life.Mistakes are going to be made, not only will they be made but they are totally a part of what the creative life is all about. From those failures, the seeds of utter brilliance will be borne.So don't be afraid to fail! I'd go as far as to tell you that if you ain't failing, you ain't trying hard enough.

Push the envelope and break out of the damn box.~Frank
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