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Self portrait taken by award winning photographer Frank Perez
Self Portrait, Frank Perez

The eyes stared back at me from within the flames, filled with sorrow.


At what point in this life did you decide to hide your true self?

Was it a gradual change?

Small tokens of change which meant nothing at the time,

growing in number and weight

until the person looking into the flames

bore but a parting resemblance to the one staring back.

If it was a question of changing in one split second,

would the same choice have been made?

Would happiness be shunted aside for any reason?

Should it?

The inner fire of your own spirit can only be held down

by your own choices, your own actions, your own failures.

Happiness can only ever be achieved

when you set aside the masks you hide behind.

Your inner fire can, and will ignite the flames to make your life burn bright.

Unless you dampen the fire before it takes hold.

One spark, one touch & the world ignites - never to be the same.

Unless you pick up the mask once more & hide your true flame from the world.

Then sorrow, regret and an everlasting longing will once again enter your heart

& your spirit will look for answers once more.

Searching the world for the answers that lie within.

One Touch.

One Spark.


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