• Frank

Seasons Change

2019 is now here. Just wow. Seems like yesterday that we were all looking forward to 1999!

Hell, we sat on the Prince song for over a decade waiting for that to come around!

And now... blink of an eye and it's almost 2020... The future is here.

Seasons change, people change, times change but the fundamental inner truth still abounds.

Most of us spend our time building up internal, almost indestructible walls to protect us from the fury and monsters that surround us. It's the only way to maintain our sanity. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves.

The truth is, that in most cases these walls of our own making don't just stop external factors from impacting us. They also stop our inner beauty from taking control and making their own mark on an otherwise grey & listless world.

Introspection and reflection has taken me full circle, akin to the seasonal changes mentioned above. The walls are crumbling as I let my true self make itself known once more.

Many people shake their heads and wonder what the hell is going on with me.

Those who truly want the best for me just smile & wonder why the hell I hid myself for so long.

Seasons change, people change...

~ Frank

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