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Lotus - A special edition painting & print from Frank Perez

I just finished reading a very old #book titled 'As A Man Thinketh' - yes, that's not a typo, it was written at the turn of the last century! Around 1904 I think.

One word - Wow.

All these new-age guru's with their talk of the #Secret and how we think our ways in or out of things in life are at least 100 years behind the times!

This book, which spans a little over a hundred pages can be consumed by most of us in an hour or two, but damn does it pack a punch.

If you can wrap yourself around the olde-world vocabulary and the not-so-politically correct gems in the writing, the central message is quite clear.

Your #thoughts and how you look at life determine the way that your life will end up being.

It's a subtle truth that most of us overlook.

It may sound trite and has probably been overstated a zillion times but our #outlook and behaviour determine what we end up getting out of life.

It's a #choice. Life will happen regardless, the only thing that we control is how we react to it.

So, at the risk of showing my age let me say that Wham! had the right words printed on their t's in the 80's.

#Choose #Life!

~ Frank

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