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Standing Tall

Creative photography by Frank Perez of a lonely, powerful tree at sunset in Melbourne

A freezing cold day with glimpses of sunlight that would stream through the tiniest of breaks in the clouds overhead.

I stood there shivering as the break in the weather opened up to allow the golden rays to bounce off the atmosphere and kept my fingers crossed that it would hold out long enough for me to #capture the tree before me.

This wasn't the image I had set out to #capture, instead I had been side-tracked from my original intent and casually came across the lonely tree on the trek home.

At the time I called it luck, now I look at it as fate.

The following half-hour of complete silence allowed me the space to think. Again.

It's the curse of many a #creative mind, the endless chatter that bounces through the neurons in our brains, never giving us #space to just pause and be.

That thought entered my mind like a thunderclap, a true 'wow' moment, if you will.

For years now I had been striving so hard, painting, composing, photographing and the constant marketing ~ all it seemed, for nothing.

Have you ever felt like this? It was crazy.

I'd done everything I needed to do! Pushed my #intentions out into the #universe, busted my balls following all the experts advice - and I was still nowhere near where I felt I should be.

No doubt you'll think me crazy, I know I think that of myself most of the time but looking back at the tree, I felt as though there was a lesson to be learned.

And then it hit me.

This #strong, #powerful tree had no need of pushing its greatness out into the world in a constant barrage of 'look at me'.

It just was.

Something inside me shifted - hard.

How others perceive my artwork and imagery cannot be helped, I don't control those things. I only control myself and the work I produce.

So I did something that's been both simple & at the same time one of the hardest things ever - I let go of my need to control the outcome.

Faith? Some may call it that. Belief? Same deal.

#God, the #Universe, Mother #Nature, #Guardian #Angel or #Fate - call it what you wish & makes you happy.

All I can honestly say is that once I stopped trying to push my agenda (even subtly) my life changed.

I work now for the pure joy, pleasure and love of creating things. It's the reason I began this journey in the first place.

My work is now a zillion times better than before and I know I will win.

After all, how can anything made with pure love fail?

And just like that solitary tree, I will stand tall come what may.

~ Frank

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