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Stopping The Limiting Titles!

Okay, that is one hell of a crappy title for a blog post. What am I going on about now?

I'll simplify as much as I can.

Whenever I'm introduced to somebody new, or have to engage in some inane small chit chat with somebody the topics go from - the weather to what do you do?

What do I do? Well, let's see. I eat, breathe and generally live life as well as I'm able to.

Doesn't really cover the question as it's posed though.

Slowly the revelations come forth; I'm a photographer (not really), and an artist (getting closer to the truth)...

In essence what I try to get through to people is that I'm a creative. It's not only who I am but what my entire life is all about!

Photography, canvas and paints are but a small part of the arsenal I use to get those crazy thoughts out of my head and out to the world at large.

Sometimes it's the written word that does it and not the paint, canvas or photography!

I can't hold it against society at large however. We've all been conditioned to 'box' people in depending on 'what they do for a living.'

Perhaps a tiny revolution will take hold when we stop asking 'what do you do?' and begin trying to learn about who people really are.

After all, what I do to pay the bills is not what makes me who I am. I daresay that goes double for most people!


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